Universal Diyarbakir Hospital is a general Hospital established with the aim of delivering a high quality and modern health service to Diyarbakir and other cities around the area.

This hospital occupies a 17,000 square meter space, with 159 patient beds. The suits in this hospital are built appropriately for patients comfort and convenience during their treatment. Also, there are 5 intensive care units, 12 new born, 3 Cardiovascular (CVS), 9 Coronary and 9 surgery beds.

There are many diagnostics and examination methods available in the laboratory units.

In the radiology unit, devices such as MR (1,5 Tesla), 64 slice computed tomography (CT), angiography, roentgen fluoroscopy, bone mineral density meter, US/doppler, mammography, C arm scopy and mobile roentgen can be found in the laboratories for diagnosis of different conditions. All microbiology, hormone, haematology, immunoserology and pathology tests can be applied.