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Obesity triggers at least 65 additional diseases. Top ten obesity-related diseases are: 1. High Blood Pressure 2. Diabetes 3. Heart Disease 4. High Cholesterol Levels 5. Cancer 6. Infertility 7. Back Pain 8. Skin Infections 9. Ulcers 10. Gallstones

The World Health Organization defined obesity as “now well recognized as a disease.”

It is regarded as a disease because its epidemiology is similar to many other chronic metabolic and inflammatory disorders. And these disorders became more common in recent decades. So obesity will.

The physicians state that it is a chronic, frequently progressive, and rarely remitting disorder. Bad news is it is the additional cause of 65 or more other diseases. Think of arthritis or sleep apnea… Many forms of cancer.

Forbes magazine has published an article written by Lee M. Kaplan, M.D., director of the Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital, associate professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and chairman emeritus of the Campaign to End Obesity.

He discusses about the 100 million individuals with obesity in America today. And says that addressing the nation’s obesity epidemic is not an easy fix. As with cancer, there are many subtypes of obesity, each with different causes, clinical characteristics, and susceptibility to specific therapies.