Acıbadem Kayseri Hospital which reaches out not only to Kayseri, but the whole of Central Anatolia with its quality services, is the region’s benchmark center in healthcare.
It also hosts one of the 5 radiotherapy centers equipped by Acıbadem with state of the art equipment.
The hospital provides healthcare in all branches of medicine with an indoor area of 22.000 m2 and 110 beds.
The hospital’s examination rooms have been designed with state-of-the-art technology.
The advanced technological equipment ensures patient comfort and safety.
The fact that all interventional procedures occur on the same floor with the operating room, is another advantage for the patient.
The recuperation room that serves these units has also been planned within the same area, further supporting patient safety.
Acıbadem Kayseri Hospital provides healthcare with state of the art equipment both in diagnosis and treatment.
In diagnosis, the most notable are 2×64 Dual Source Computerized Tomography and PET Computerized Tomography devices, which are both the first and only instruments of their kind in Kayseri.
Utilizing advanced methods in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, the hospital is moving towards becoming the benchmark cancer center of Central Anatolia.
At the “Oncology and Radiation Center”, patients are treated with the IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy) and IGRT (image guided radiotherapy) supported radiotherapy equipment.