Bayındır HealthCare Group is a business organization of Turkey’s leading bank organization of Türkiye İş Bankası, dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care with only evidence-based, full and accurate health information, bound by medical ethics, respecting patient’s rights, and reliant on the art-of-state technology, since it was founded on 1992, in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara.

Our commitment as a health care group is best quality, best practice and best outcome in everything that we do for our patients. This needs professionalism, strong teamwork, constant vigilance, education and attention to detail.

Right now, Bayındır HealthCare Group has 3 hospitals, 1 medical surgery center and 4 dental clinics nationwide, each serving the health care needs of not only national but also the global patients. Bayındır HealthCare Group hospitals have an enviable reputation for providing excellent medical and surgical facilities supported by state-of-the-art equipment and a high standard of fully qualified nursing care, within pleasant and comfortable surroundings.
The number of the cases during 2012, Bayındır HealthCare Group has operated 8,769 surgeries, welcomed 15,095 inpatients and 444,704 outpatients in total.

Affiliated with the University of Hacettepe, we have always focused on learning – no more so than today when technology has accelerated the rate of discovery and dramatically increased our knowledge base. Our systems, procedures and protocols, routines for checking and re-checking and continuous training are all integral, and create and sustain that belief that we care about every detail and every individual without discrimination.
International accreditation – Joint Commission International – gives independent proof that we adhere to the commitments that we make. Continuous learning from accreditation feedback, internal appraisals, audits and reporting, patient satisfaction surveys, commentary or complaints enables us to continuously drive forward our standards of performance.

As a result of our reputation in the region, Bayındır HealthCare Group became the partner hospital in Eurasian hospitals and imparts its knowledge in the region.