Altinyunus_1 ALTIN YUNUS  is the leading first class holiday village of Turkey and the Middle East with accommodation capacity of 1000 persons. The hotel was founded at an area of 140,000 m2 and is one of the largest hotels in Turkey. SPECIFICATIONS OF THERMAL WATER IN ALTIN YUNUS  AND ÇEŞME Cure value of thermal water in ALTIN YUNUS  and Çeşme has a unique specification in the world. For instance sea water is heated in our era and used in the curing of diseases as “Fresh water” therapy. Thermal water in ALTIN YUNUS  Çeşme and Şifne site is the sea water went down magma, heated in natural way, after disinfection became natural fresh water therapy and thermal water. For this reason, cure value is more different and efficient than thermal waters in our Country and World.


It prevents the mental and physical diseases such as Stress, Tension, Insomnia, Fatigue, Lack of Energy, Fatness, Celulit, Oedema, Muscle pains, Cramp, Arthritis, Disabilities, Rheumatism, Asthma, Indigestion, Circulatory impairments, Liver, Pancreas, Kidney, Diabetes, Sexual Anorexia, Lumbago, Sciatic, Infertility, Cutaneous, Eczema, Mycetes, Menopause. Special Thermal room ( 2 ) Thermal Pool with Jacuzzi (1 ) Outdoor Thermal Pool (1 ) Indoor Thermal Pool (1 ) Thalasso Pools Sea water consists totally 104 elements and mineral like blood plasma in out body. Thalasso-therapy must be applied with; – Real sea water, – By specialized team. Why is sea water and seaweed? When we compared the blood plasma of human with sea water composition, it is understood that they are nearly same. When sea water is heated as much as body temperature, absorption of vital elements named Oligo element by skin is much smoothed. This has calming, contraction mitigation and pain reliever effects on muscles. Sea water consists of 104 element and minerals in sea water like body plasma. In 1m3 sea water, the following substances are found:  Copper 10 mg Barium 50 mg Manganese 3 mg Iodine 50 mg Selenium 4 mg Lithium 100 mg Zinc 14 mg Fluoride 1.4 mg Rubidium 20 mg Sea weed contains 10 fold oligo elements than sea water.  When it is applied on body at 32°C, elements penetrate in the body and stimulate the cells and strengthen the immune system. Sea weed having the features of human plasma absorb the foods rich in terms of vitamin and mineral in the sea. When these substances contact with the skin, they penetrate into the body and allow body to moisten, clean, feed and balance. Also in the salt of Aegean Sea there is 3.7% magnesium, 30.4% sodium,1.16% calcium and 1.1% potassium. Sea water is heated up to 32-25 degree which is the body temperature and used in Thalasso cares. Thalasso word means ocean in Greek. Thalasso therapy methods applied in ALTIN YUNUS  Bio Venüs unit create positive visible changes in your skin and body with the combination of seaweed and sea water. Thalasso therapy is a therapy system in which all useful elements in that sea climate, sea water, sea mud, weed, sand and other all substances obtained from the sea are combined and used in various methods. This system put into service firstly in ALTIN YUNUS  Turkey in 1998 started to be applied with Thalasso pool became today’s situation by developing with innovations coming from abroad and methods applied in ALTIN YUNUS  Bio Venüs unit. Sea water is rich in minerals and trace elements also when it is heated between 34-37 degrees with activirutic and anti bacterial substances by special methods, mineral and trace elements is provided to be penetrated into pores of the skin. Therefore it provides refreshment of organism and balance of body functions.