Being one of pioneer for branching in health care, IGM aims to be the first in Istanbul by focusing just only digestion system diseases in order to find technological solutions.

Having advanced approaches for health service and works on increasing patient communication satisfaction, IGM shows a professional attitude and provided 7/24 active patient information service.

In IGM digestion system organs like; Digestion Gullet, stomach, small-large intestine, liver, gall bladder, bile tract, pancreas are inspected and by endoscopy diseases are recognized and treated. Besides, in IGM there is an operating room for laparoscopic and small-middle operations.

As focusing on a single branch IGM is proud of constructing a fully-fledged digestion system disease health care center and wants to give national service. Besides by following the improvements in gastroenterology through the World, IGM aims to be a respectful medical center in our country.

Both Endoscopic and surgical operations are conducted in our center, besides with the help of a dietician, a psychologist and a radiologist we are providing a combined treatment.


IGM Medical Center is located in center of Istanbul in Esentepe.

In Zincirlikuyu it is a walk away distance from both Metro and Metrobus stations and quite easy to reach. In IGM we have 2 floor car park and vale service. IGM medical center has 3.000 m2 covered area.

IGM has 9 floors. 1st and 2nd floors are allocated as inspection rooms and 3rd and 4th floors are allocated for patient rooms and 2 of them are VIP patient rooms.

In our center, we have two operation rooms; 1 for huge operations, 1 for small operations, 3 endoscopy laboratories, 1 motility laboratory and 1 blood laboratory.

Having advanced approaches for health service and works on increasing patient communication satisfaction by qualified personnel, IGM has a professional attitude; and has close contact with customers and tries to make customer feel themselves in a family environment rather than a hospital.

Besides inspections and treatment operations to patients, IGM provides training and seminars for doctors. Moreover, we are glad to provide laboratories and instruments for our colleagues who want to use them.