Medical Park Göztepe Hospital Complex which has JCI accreditation is the first private cancer hospital of Turkey and consists of three interconnected yet different hospitals, namely General Hospital, Oncology Hospital and Dental Hospital.

Medical Park Goztepe Hospital Complex provides modern health service in international standards for the patients from abroad in addition to Turkey.

The complex which has signature in many success from cancer to genetics, from IVF to hair implantation, from heart surgery to plastic surgery in a lot of fields has contract with more than 100 local and international insurance companies.

In Cancer Hospital Radiation Oncology, Radiosurgery (Gamma-Knife Treatments, CyberKnife Treatments) Cancer Surgery, Medical Oncology, Genetics, Complementary Medicine, Psychology, Nutrition and Diet departments which are required for cancer treatment are collected under the same roof and General Hospital provides all kinds of consultation facilities.

In Dental Hospital, in every fields of mouth and tooth health from endodontics to most severe chin surgery interventions service are provided.