Romatem Physic Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospitals -which set out with the motto of “Life is Action”- started giving service with the foundation of Samsun Romatem Physic Therapy and Rehabilitation Medical Centre in July,2005. In August, 2006 Kocaeli Romatem Physic Therapy and Rehabilitation Medical Centre, in 2010 Romatem Physic Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital with its 27 inpatient capacity founded in Samsun. Also Physic Therapy and Rehabilitation Medical Centre in Kocaeli was turned into a Romatem Physic Therapy and Hospital with 27 inpatient capacity.

Continuing to grow, the first Robotic Rehabilitation Centre of Turkey is opened in 2012, in İstanbul, Bağdat Avenue and took an important step in the field of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. Also following this step Nişantaşı Clinic is opened in Istanbul, too.

As Romatem Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospitals Group, we have successfully completed our Services rendered for Kartal Yavuz Selim State Hospital, Ordu State Hospital, Samsun Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital, and Darüşşafaka Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre; and we have ongoing services successfully rendered for Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit and Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation service in Afyon Güral Thermal Hotel.

Romatem also offers lokomat (gait robot for paralytic patients and gait disorder) rarely available in Turkey, armeo spring hand robot and amadeo finger robot, vertetrac device as a new solution for lower back and neck pain, hiltherapy device as high intensity laser treatment for lower back and neck arthritis, diers 4d for metric scoliosis measurement instrument used for scoliosis (spinal curvature) diagnosis, and drx9000c spinal decompression device providing treatment opportunity for cervical disc hernia and spinal disc hernia patients who are recommended to undergo surgery or who have underwent surgery but not healed.

Romatem -which gives service with the main principles of scientefic, high technology and being ethic and turns into a big idea- is also the name of reuniting human being freedom and independence. Making ROMATEM a Turkish brand which is known all over the World is the keystone of Romatem physic therapy and Rehabilitation Hospitals.