The Foreign Patients’ Department has been providing services since Bodrum Private Hospital was established in 1997.

Such a department was necessary considering the capacity of tourism in Bodrum and provides 24 hr multilingual services to help both residents and tourists. Languages spoken by the Foreign Patients’ Department staff include English, German, French, Dutch, Russian and Spanish.

Our aim is to help the patients with every aspect of their visit to Bodrum Private Hospital from the moment that they arrive right the way through until their discharge. Our services include assistance with hospital administration, translation, liaising with insurance companies, contacting foreign embassies and tour operators when necessary and general support to both patients and their relatives. We also provide medical reports written in English.

Furthermore, we also provide practical support to our patients’ relatives with issues such as finding accommodation closer to the hospital, transportation, shopping, banking, informing next of kin at home and guiding them through the insurance or payment procedures.

Here at Bodrum Private Hospital we believe that all patients whether Turkish or foreign have a right to a high standard of affordable health care and we strive to achieve this by continuously improving our services.

We aim to ensure that all patients are given fast and efficient healthcare in a comfortable, caring environment with international standards.