UHG_TaksimUniversal Hospital Group is one of the biggest healthcare chains with 11 hospitals in 7 different cities in Turkey. Since 1972, when the group was established, it has grown by both incorporating rooted corporations such as the German Hospital and Italian Hospital and establishing new hospitals. In the hospitals of the group, health services at international standards are given with international accreditation certifications such as JCI, ISO and TUV.
Today, Universal Hospital Group is in service with a 165,000 m² closed area and 1,420 bed capacity in total in its five hospitals in Istanbul and in its hospitals in Diyarbakir, Izmir, Konya Eregli, Kusadasi, Manisa, and Malatya. By incorporating its experience in the health sector with the innovations and developments in the medical area, it creates applications which will increase your quality of living. The group also has four more hospitals of which investment is completed in four different locations (Adana, Bursa, Cizre in Turkey and in Albania).
Along with various cities in Turkey, after the investments which continue and will begin in Eastern Europe, Russia, Caucasus and Middle East, at the end of the year 2013, Universal Hospital Group will reach more than 25 hospitals with a total of 600,000 square meters and a more than 4,000 bed capacity. With these investments, it will become one of the most prominent hospital chains in the Balkans, Turkic Republics and Middle East area, not only in Turkey.
The hospitals are distinguished with cancer and cancer related branches in particular, with organ transplantation, test tube baby, cardiology-heart surgery, orthopedic, brain surgery and genetics fields.
Universal Hospital Group, which works in order to provide the whole world with modern and quality healthcare services, has a modern and technological foundation with its internationally experienced medical doctors.