The first medical center of the group, Göktürk Florence Nightingale Medical Center, offers our international patients treatment and surgery with 20 patient beds and extensive out-patient facilities.

Specialized areas of the center are;
Internal Diseases
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
Nutrition and Diet

Göktürk Florence Nightingale Medical Center, the first medical center of Florence Nightingale Group renders quality services in the field of treatment and surgery, with a particular focus on pediatrics, internal diseases and physical rehabilitation.

Our Group’s Medical Center entered into service in 2007 in a purpose-built building located in downtown Istanbul.

The Center provides services in the fields of treatment and surgery particularly in Internal Diseases, Infantile Health and Diseases, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Orthopedics, Gynecology and Dentistry. Our specialized dieticians provide consultancy for each age group concerning Nutrition and Diet.

There is an advanced laboratory and screening center at Göktürk Florence Nightingale Medical Center, which has gained a position as one of the leading centers of its kind in the entire region.