Universal Camlica is one of our hospital is located in the middle of the natural beauties of Camlica, close to the entrance of the Bosphorus which joins two continents; Europe and Asia. On the Anatolian side of Istanbul, it covers 42,000 square meter area with the breath taking sea view. With 83 patient rooms, it has been specially designed to suite the individual needs of patients. There are 7 fully equipped operating rooms and 44 intensive care units.

In total, we have 183 patient rooms, 4 of which are 170 square meter grand suits and 46 of which are conventional.

The organ transplantation centre of this group is in this Hospital. Kidney and Liver Transplant are the main services provided in this centre. Also, orthopaedic, Traumatology, microsurgery KVC, Cardiology and Tube baby are prominent units in this Hospital.