UHG_TaksimUniversal German Hospital joined the group in 1992 after 150 years in existence. This incorporation happened just after the 3 years renovation which upgraded the standard to a 21st century architectural and Medical structure.

Universal Taksim German Hospital has seven different buildings which are divided into various branches. There are 289 beds, with seven operating rooms, five surgical intensive care units, four coronary angio intensive care units, five open heart intensive care and 13 new-born and children intensive care rooms.

Universal German Hospital is one of the outstanding Healthcare providers in the world health tourism today. With its unique facilities and innovation, it provides services to patients from different locations all around the world. The service of a translator is available for patients who have difficulty in communicating with their doctors.

Universal German Hospital has special centres which offer various services such as CVK-Cardiology Centre, Children’s Hospital, Test Tube Baby Clinic, Obesity Institute, Varicosis Centre, Mouth and Dental Health Clinic, Dental Health & Maxillofacial Surgery Hospital and Metabolic Surgery Clinic.

The Aero Medical Centre / AMC which is in service within Universal German Hospital gives flight personnel (pilot and the crew members) the necessary Medical reports which recognised and accepted by the international civil aviation authorities.